The Run

I’m riding the rhythms in the surroundings I found myself running in. The midnight hour always holds a mystic vibe. Dark shadows that are silhouettes of the trees, are like soldiers that lay on the ground in waiting to ambush. On the other side of the trees the moonlight touches the bark.

The 🦉 owls sit and watch any prey that maybe on the move, owls are true warriors their history goes back as the Ancient Egyptian times.

I now sit by a boulder for comfort and feel the heat it has captured throughout the hot day. It’s soothing warmth rides deep into the essence of my body. A river is fast flowing on the otherside of me. This river eventually links up to the Congo river.

The Congo is the deepest river systems in the world. My position in Africa at this time is called Lisala. I’ve been on the run for weeks now. The military been trying to track me down.

They know I hold valuable secret information!

Think the only way for me to make my escape is to keep following this river system. Moanda is where my friend awaits me with his yacht. From there we set sail out in the Atlantic Ocean. His navy background is also secret intelligence that also keep tabs on the movements of military that seek out to get me.

I am a spy 🕵️‍♀️ for the American forces. The gun I hold assures my safety for this journey out. I’m trained in Capoeira

martial arts. The death moves illegal in any mainstream training for the average person.

For me not, as I’m a power within the secret service forces with this we got trained to kill if ever in threat.

My intellect and navigation skills are the most sort after as my ranking in one of the highest.

I continue this journey as a true renegade of this country.

To be continued.