The self guided.

There is drumming off in the distance.

Could this be finally a form of tribe living in the middle of an unknown place.

I have been trekking these mountain ranges and have not seen a soul for months. The journey been filled with intensity, as these Atlas Mountains in Morocco have been challenging, with no real map to guide me, I’ve been actively looking into the soul for the only guidance of my direction. The weather systems that have passed have all varied.

As a true solo ranger fighting for the skills of survival I’ve conquered what should have only been impossible, defeating the battles. As each step I take forward is forever binding my place for the days ahead and the future avenues.

I can’t turn back now, the past is only just a memory and who’s to say if I turn back, may I end up on the same direction.

Life is filled with a multitude of avenues.

It’s the stance of my own being, and believe I’m a warrior of the life I lead with no other to sidetrack the way. If I follow the drumming will that lead me to my death, or lead me to others that may greet me and mix their beliefs with mine in unity.

I have heard about the tribes in these mountain ranges.

I will trek, follow the beats, with the motions this could go either way when I walk into the presence of that tribe. For now I wish I was an eagle to fly over this dynamic landscape and view this tribe from above.