The Freedom within

In a world of many different badge of honours which one are you trying to obtain? We all live in different parts of the world, fuelled by different influences and beliefs of others.

I abide by none, I choose to always live in the mindset of an evolution within my stance, creative avenues that allow me freedom. This is such a great time in life, many people that once appeared to be rolling in the crowds, thinking they are in the abundance of the crowd/group.

Now in this timeframe sit in reflecting to the possibility that living life resting on others concepts, beliefs and judgments are not the true case of finding the real power within the one itself.

There is no need to be chasing a fake badge of honour for the group that surrounds you at the time, that is illusion and just illustrated by followers.

Aim to be free, always stay transparent never locking the doors to just fit in.

Stay independent, investing the intensity of your own intellect and see the radiant and radical change of it consistently breaking down new ideas and ways for the navigation of what is called life. Then this is where the major excitement arises, as when one sees individual achievements and progress being made, there is an ultimate uplift in the Devine spirit within.

Stand as one, Stand as WON!!!!!!!!!