Power of pursuit!

The stage is set! I’ve been progressing like a wild fire crossing miles & miles over grasslands in the open field.

The patterns of new ideas are now spanning over the horizon, each idea is manifesting and gathering heat and the force of it is the combustion, flames are making a powerful storm of red fire that continues to burn, heeding the mindset into a deeper state of tunnel focus, like a vortex or flames that dance as twirling fire tornadoes clearing and destroying anything that is blocking their path.

Each morning a new day shines, the sun adds its flames upon the earth. As I wake each morning a new idea is a burning aspiration, the ideas also have a music sound to them, like the melodic shamanic drums. I’m now an essential part within my whole existence.

This power feels so centred yet, opening the pathways as it’s almost knocking into the Shamanism within my mindscape and ultimately my body.

Reaching altered states of consciousness,

The radiating heat from within my soul is now intense the outer flames that open my pathways are the heart burning with desire for life and the abundance that will soon be showing that never stop believing in oneself. Never let others hold you back,

Never let others be negative to make you question who you are and the dreams you hold! One life, One time, One chance!🦋