Essence of Thought

As I’m drying myself after the shower my body feeling the sheer excitement of heat mixed with the cold air. As the temperature outside is a chilly 3 degrees.

Im in my room listening to my favourite 

Psychedelic trance dj producers the music 🎵 also makes my mind buzz. I get lost in the sound. Drop my towel to the floor, start dancing, arms up against the wall

While my bottom half shifts and glides to the mix of beats. The bass high, I can feel myself getting wet.

I imagine the touch of a man, his sitting behind me caressing my body.

My mind is now escaping to a completely different surrounding, I’m now in a trance.

There is an array of ambient colours that stream my vision.

The landscape has 360 degree views.

My visuals have taken me to a high mountain side, with some peaks capped with snow.

The music is loud, the trance has fully set in.

I’m dancing naked high in this mountain side, with the man now actively close to me.

Our bodies are a mixture of energy and now in synergy the rhythm is easily tangled in the mix.

His growing hard and I’m dripping wet.

Tingling and my mind is a state of euphoria.

As we are close, he penetrates me.

I’m now dancing on his huge cock.

The 360 degree view is setting the stage,

I’m feeling the cold air on my nipples, they perked so hard.

My hair is long, and shifts with the wind.

He holds me, being in synergy with man is shifting my mindset higher then the mountains.

I’m floating and feel light.

We are pounding and our bodies are in unison with every shifting move that we are being together, sharing the heat amongst this cold crisp air. The birds fly above viewing the landscape. We are in complete ecstasy.