Sails and Neon Lights

It’s been a momentous day all round with my close friend Jacob Sailing the big waves at 33knots. With a day of celebrations good food and champagne, it’s late afternoon. I decide to leave the party, and head up to the hotel. It’s a wonderful hotel. I booked a suite on the 65th level, as wanted to gaze over the neon lights of the city by night. I take a shower, freshen up & get changed into my robe and slippers. At this stage I’m feeling a little peckish. I call room service and ask to have some chocolate coated strawberries and a few other tasty options brought to my room. I place on some ambient music and just relax thinking about the day spent with great friends out on the water. Being in the speed boat along side such a great Yacht was crazy, the wave jumps at that speed got my heart racing. It’s not long till I hear the buzzer ring, room service has arrived and the waiter wheels in my delights. I enjoy a little more champagne with the strawberry sweetness. I’m now on the bed feeling a little sleepy. I tip the waiter and he leaves the room. I decide to take the robe off and lay on the bed, slipping off my slippers. As I dose off, I’m thinking about my girlfriend who’s been on business in the Middle East. Its been 2 weeks since we have been able to touch each other. I’m craving her touch, so I grab my dildo and think of her while I play. I cum almost straight away. So completely relaxed and pass out with the dildo on the bed. Laying naked on the sheets, the bed so comfortable my legs a spread out enjoying all the comfort. Time drifts on, and I wake to a hand gliding up my thigh. I look up, his bald, big muscles and pale skin. He mentions that the door had not been closed, he happend to be walking past and glanced in to see me naked on the bed, dildo next to me, It’s strange but his hand gliding over my bottom feels great. I’m shy though, and have not been with a man for a long time. Dating only women. I’m surprised I’m not pushing him away. He asks if he can run his hands all over my naked body. His touch is magical I can’t say no. His big strong hands, glide all over me. I’m feeling so mesmerised by his touch. He glides his fingers near my pussy. I’m dripping!! He places a finger inside my vagina, feels incredible!!!! I arch my back up, he inserts another. Getting fingerd by this man is mind blowing. It’s so strange, as I’ve only been with women, yet here is this man playing with me and I’m not pushing him away. I’m so wet, he grabs my dildo. Places the vibes on my clit. I’m instantly ready for taking, orgasm haven. While his vibeing my clit. He unzips his trousers, legs separated in the air. Totally invite his big hard cock into my tight little pussy. Sliding my wet pinkness all over his huge shaft. I have never been spread open this much before. What an incredible feeling, this man can make any gay girl switch. His the most incredible man. Big muscles & tall, his moans of pleasure sound like heaven to me. His in deep and I’m in pure ecstasy.