I’m feeling the warmth of the Abu Dhabi dry wind brush past and gently glide over my soft skin.

My mind is in a heat haze of all the wonderful arid sites that take my breath away.

The visions of nomads, walking desert sands, gaining strength with all they have packed, pulling the camels in toe loaded with goods to sell once arriving at their chosen destination.

On the way to my destination I meet a man passing through, a foreigner.

His riding a motorcycle and & informs me his been on the road for many months exploring & Motorbiking through Oman & all the other remarkable landscapes have to offer.

He offers me a ride, I’m a little hesitant but something assures me that I’m safe and in good hands.

We hit the road, and have an hour journey to reach my hotel.

To ride these landscapes with such freedom on the back of a motorcycle feels all too exciting in many ways.

I hardly know this man, but the circumstances of our meeting and his manly persona and raw sexy voice, gets my heart racing.

On the back of the motorcycle I’m feeling freedom and all too much these desiring overwhelming, sensual thoughts rage in my mind, feeling the physical now, my pussy starts to tingle with excitement.

As we ride through this dusty road.

We arrive at my my hotel.

Now pulled over, it’s time for me to grab my bag and check in.

He mentioned he should keep going so he could reach his destination by night fall.

We exchange numbers and keep chatting.

We find time passes by so quickly, enjoying each other’s conversation we are can’t seem to say goodbye.

Before we know it…

We get informed that a huge dust storm is rolling through…

It’s caused havoc in the main city.

It’s coverage is possibly one of the biggest dust storms to roll through this region in several years.

We are told by the hotel managers we all need to get indoors.

So with this, I check in to my room immediately with him behind me, with no other option but to stay together.

In my hotel room I grab a beverage from the fridge and also offer him a pick of his choice.

We still engaged ever so tightly with the conversations broadening ever so wildly into a range of topics.

His so intriguing, I’m captivated by this man.

I have a second beverage, which I feel goes straight to my head in this heat.

We lay down on the sofa together.

He placing his strong hands on my shoulders, his touch is like no other.

I begin to feel somewhat so sexually aroused by him.

I decide to slip off my shirt, he helps me further by unclipping my bra.

We are sensually in a tangled state of mind & body arousal.

He gently caressing my breasts.

Kissing my cheeks, running his hands all over me.

We decide to move to the bed.

His pulsating penis is rock solid.

It’s large, I feel slightly on edge and unsure if his man hood will even fit in my tight pussy.

His like a mirage, picture perfect to look at, his breathtaking and his ora is incredibly overpowering in such a delicate way.

He pulls my short, shorts down.

My g string also.

He unbuttons his jeans, he takes control and touches the tip of his penis on my dripping pussy.

His big, I gasp, I breath in….

He pushes it in a little further, my tightness is gripping him so tightly he moans with pleasure. He takes his time to go deep.

Slowly, with the motions of his penis, opening my vagina, his ultimate! 

I’m helpless, he guides me.

Offering myself on all levels to him.

He now makes it to g spot.

I have never felt such intensity before…

This is mind blowing, I’m panting, my heart racing, my pussy so wet and wishing this could never end.

Licking and sucking his fingers, while we ride each other.

His sweating with this Middle eastern heat, our heat combined is creating a heatwave.

Our minds engaged, intwined with the rawness of strong tantric sex.

Our bodies creating our own storm.

As we are ready to climax together, the dessert storm that everyone had been waiting for was also about to make way over the town.

While the dessert sands were swirling past suffocating the surroundings.

I was in my own desert storm, his powerful manhood driving my passions and sensual desires to what I feel is the most electrifying storm to unleash throughout my inner body.

Just like the desert storm raging outside our window.

His storm and power unleashes inside of me. His hands and his grip upon my body send shockwaves over me.

Even though we had barley known each other, our hearts felt like we had been together a lifetime.

This was no fling, nor a holiday one timer.

He held me in his arms till I fell asleep. The following morning, he asked If can join him? With no hesitation again, I could not resist.

The morning awakens , we got prepared and ready to hit the road.

I was all in admiration for this man,

He was an ex navy man, strong, broad shoulders, good solid build all over with height to match. When he spoke, I could not help fall deeper in love with his lips.

When he spoke, words were fluent.

The perfect shaped lips only fuelled more fire within me.

For this, I could only get the urge to go down on him.

I had to press my fingers against his lips.

smile at the tender voice he spoke.

I began to slowly make my way down the front of this incredible body.

I now pull a white ribbon from my tied up hair braid.

I wrap the white ribbon around this huge erect penis.

Softly licking the tip, while I wind.

Fully winding ever so delicately around this incredible penis.

I ever so lightly touch with my lips around his tip.

This man is my pure fantasy.

I’m in a tangled tangent inside, so many things I want to explore.

I unravel the white ribbon from his penis.

The sensation is softly tickling the shaft.

He relaxes deeply, allowing me to fully engage on more active fore play.