The Brazilian Amazon has the honor of being one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in existence. With such a powerful energy which sets all your senses into overdrive with excitement.

Another thing you will quickly notice walking through the rainforest is sensory overload of which is similar to what you would experience in a well-planted greenhouse, the combined scent of vegetation, moisture, soil, and decaying plants and wood. 

This is the essence of life, it’s the jungles transformation & reproduction.

Your mind it’s a translucent array of thoughts.

Feeling radiated from within, the abundant wildlife blows your mind.

The birds flying above, navigating their way between the different trees, diverting quickly with flight avoiding branches that come into their path at high speed and & flight.

The different individual sounds they all make when on their journey, and destinations.

I’ve been here studying the eco systems for 3 months now, in this time, focused on the birdlife.

The number of bird species is around 1500, found in the Amazon Basin.

I’m here with others also studying the diversity of the incredible environment.

15 of us here staying in very basic accommodation, the running water 🚿 is rain water, feels invigorating as, we don’t have the best heating system.

So now getting use to taking cool showers.

The bed is comfortable enough and other facilities bearable.

I wake each day wondering if we will have a snake 🐍 slide in, as the structure of our huts also not completely closed in.

So we are really living basic.

Anyways, one day I set out with my dear friend Sadia.

She is from Brazil 🇧🇷 and feels right at home here amongst the jungle.

We set out for a walk, and stumble across this area which has an incredible view over the landscape.

There has been this sexual chemistry between Sadia and I for weeks now.

We both love being naked together and the sex is powerful, our connection is a high. Our orgasms are electric ⚡️ which pulsates and runs through our whole bodies. Her kisses a soft, yet intense. Her lips on mine, just send me into trance.

Her hands on my breasts, make me melt,

When she undresses me.

I’m all hers, she loves to glide her lips down my neck, down along my shoulders.

Continuing to kiss downwards, she keeps kissing softly, and softly kisses the side of the breasts. There is something that feels intense when she places here lips on the curve of my breasts. Not touching the nipples.

The sides of my breast really sensitive.

I’m always wet for her.

With this view over the jungle, she knows I’m going to be in full motions to be open minded to try anything she wishes and unleash fantasy experiences.

Our bodies and mind entwined, just like the roots of the trees that comfortably wraps their way through the soil.

We are earthed when together, when we touch, can feel our heartbeats pound connectively like a beat of a tribal drum.

She loves to place her lips all over me.

We love being naked in the openness of the jungle.

Her kisses are like the warmth of the sun.

Her lips radiate so much warmth while I feel the mist droplets of the humid moist air on my skin. 

To be cont-